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FJ55 Land Cruiser (Rolling Model)

The FJ55 was a 4-door station wagon version based on the FJ40 drive-train, replacing the 4-Door FJ45V. It is commonly referred to as an “iron pig.” The FJ55 was designed to be sold in North America and Australia. This is a 7-page PDF, and includes the “ambulance” style rear doors as an alternative.

All color options are “two-tone” with white. Color chart below:

Available in 12 colors

Available in 12 colors

7 Responses to “FJ55 Land Cruiser (Rolling Model)”

  1. Josho says:

    That rolling FJ55 looks amazing. I asked you ages ago about “ambulance doors” for the simple FJ55. Any chance you can offer that option for the rolling version?

  2. Josho says:

    The picture of the Rolling version in the photos on Facebook has Ambulance doors! Do I have a choice when purchasing on the style?

  3. Josho says:

    Thanks. You are a genius!

  4. Bruce Adey says:

    My 55 is two tone with a white roof, is it possible to get that as an option

    • Jesse Smith says:

      Sure – If you like I can create a custom model for you. I charge $15 for it. All you’d have to do is send me a picture and I’ll match it

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