I recommend this heavy cover-weight paper for all paper models.

Free Paper Models

Free Paper Models

Free Paper Models

Free paper models I’ve designed, located on other websites:

The following list of free paper models are promotional paper models that I have created for various companies and organizations. Most of these are available online, but over time some of the links go dead when they change their websites. Please let me know if any new links go dead. Thanks!

My free paper models are available here:

Jerrycan paper model

This is a fuel container, sometimes called a “jerrycan” or “Jerry Can.” This paper model is a single page, easy to build, and the file has in Red, Green, and […]

Papercraft Rocks

Need a little simple paper model rocks for your paper 4×4 to drive on? Grab this file. Free and easy to build! (The Jeep Mighty FC paper model is available […]

Jeep Mighty FC Expedition Kit

This is the “Expedition Kit”  for my Jeep Mighty FC paper model. This free add-on model contains a rear living space, roof rack, spare tire, offroad lights, cased rooftop tent, […]

Land Cruiser Illusion paper model

Amaze your 4×4-loving-friends with this dead-simple and easy to build free paper model! Great for kids. The illusions works by closing one eye or viewed thru any video camera. Share […]

I hope you enjoy these free paper models, and have as much fun building them as I did creating them!