I recommend this heavy cover-weight paper for all paper models.

Easy Difficulty

Jerrycan paper model

This is a fuel container, sometimes called a “jerrycan” or “Jerry Can.” This paper model is a single page, easy to build, and the file has in Red, Green, and […]

Papercraft Rocks

Need a little simple paper model rocks for your paper 4×4 to drive on? Grab this file. Free and easy to build! (The Jeep Mighty FC paper model is available […]

Jeep Mighty FC Expedition Kit

This is the “Expedition Kit”  for my Jeep Mighty FC paper model. This free add-on model contains a rear living space, roof rack, spare tire, offroad lights, cased rooftop tent, […]

Land Cruiser Illusion paper model

Amaze your 4×4-loving-friends with this dead-simple and easy to build free paper model! Great for kids. The illusions works by closing one eye or viewed thru any video camera. Share […]