I recommend this heavy cover-weight paper for all paper models.

Work in Progress: Toyota FJ45LV Land Cruiser

January 1st, 2013

Update: This model has been completed! See the gallery here.

My favorite Land Cruiser (well, 4×4 trucks in general) are wagons. Awhile back I made a BJ45 Troopy, but now I’ve decided to make a very specific FJ45LV.

The FJ45LV is probably my favorite 4×4 on the planet, and something I hope to own someday. This model will have 3D wheels and should be completed in January, it’ll be the first of twelve 4×4 models I’m planning on doing in 2013 (one per month.)

FJ45LV rough 3D model

FJ45LV rough 3D model

FJ45LV Prototype

FJ45LV Paper Prototype #3