What is your opinion on the wheels: 3D – or flat?

Perhaps I am getting more patient with age, but making 3D wheels makes the models look so much better. In the recent Willy’s Jeep Wagon, I even added the wheel wells for more realism, but those are simple to make.

Are  you hesitant to build a model with 3D wheels because it’s more difficult? Or will you build the model no matter what if it is a truck you’re interested in?


  1. locomotive38 says:

    For a 3D model the only tire is 3D. Both street and offroad are well done. Nice work on the Jeep Wagon by the way.

  2. Brian says:

    Considering how important tire width is, at least in modern 4×4′s, I think that the 3d tire is an integral part of the model. With the more classic models that had a relatively thin tire, it’s not as noticeable, but the Might FC would have looked awful with a 2d tire…

    Just found your site and I’m hoping you eventually start doing up some Wranglers!

  3. Jesse Smith says:

    A free Wrangler model has already been done: http://papercruiser.com/?p=754

  4. ken says:

    3d all the way