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New Model Released: Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser

December 19th, 2013
Toyota FJ55 Landcruiser rolling paper model

FJ55 rolling paper model

Ever since I made the simplified FJ55 model, I’ve been wanting to do a better, more detailed version. Thanks to a friend’s nudging, I’ve been considering making a rolling paper model lately and figured I’d take this opportunity to re-visit one of my favorite trucks, the Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser.

This model is 7 pages, comes in 12 colors, and the axles are made from 1/8″ dowels, or commonly-available bamboo skewers. It rolls quite well! It comes with the option to have the ambulance-style rear doors as well, so you should be able to better match your FJ55.

The complexity is higher than the simple version. This would take the average guy a few evenings. Take it slow and easy and you’ll have no trouble. Remember to crease, pre-bend and pre-fold the folds, and the whole things will go together like a dream.

You can buy the [FJ55 paper model here], and the simpler version has been discounted [here].


Showing the underside of this rolling paper model

Showing the underside of this rolling paper model

Available in 12 colors

Available in 12 colors

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