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Hello, my name is Jesse and I’m a Land Cruiser fan who makes new and custom land cruiser models in paper. After making most of the land cruisers, I expanded to 4×4 trucks of all types!  In order to help me pay for printer toner, paper, and hobby blades, I have made these models available to you at a low cost on the paper models page. I hope you enjoy these trucks! If you don’t see a color option you like, or want something custom to match your own truck, or have another good idea, please contact me using the form below.

Papercruiser custom promo examples

Custom promo examples (click to enlarge)

Custom promos:

I do custom work and have made matched paper models of many real-life trucks, includingToyota Land Cruisers, Jeeps pickups, etc. Contact me today to learn more!

-Jesse Smith

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